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A Tommy Fan ficition! (I’m sorry if this is a bit cheesy!)

Tommy stared blankly at the mirror, as always. I started the process of getting Tommy in his pajamas. One that i enjoyed, in a guilty way. I took off his tie, and button down shirt. I still had never understood why Mrs. Walker always dressed Tommy up. I shrugged his shirt off of his shoulders, and quietly appreciated his chest. I blushed to myself as I looked up at him. He was still looking into the mirror. 

I bit my lip, as I unbuttoned his pants. I let them drop to his ankles, I mean, I was doing my job wasn’t I? It was my job to get Tommy ready for bed when the Walkers went out. I couldn’t resist myself, I suddenly shot my hand up and dragged my hand down his chest.

At that moment I swore that I heard Tommy groan. I kept my eyes on him as I moved my hand down to his boxers. The Walkers had always encouraged me to try and “wake” Tommy up, so I was doing them a favor. 

I slowly pulled his boxers down and gasped. I wrapped my hand around his length and heard a moan. I quickly looked up at Tommy. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. 

"Tommy?" I whispered.

He didn’t answer me but I could tell something had changed in him. I hesitated, but started to move my hand, stroking him steadily. He groaned once again and i watched a drop of sweat make its way down his chest. I moved my hand faster, and kissed his tip. His moans and pants got louder as my actions became faster. 

At last, he finished. With a final groan of pleasure. I looked up at him, and him down at  me.

"Who are you?" he asked.

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