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Just a small little bit.

Shimmering rays of sunshine leaked through the window of the small bedroom. You squint, blinded for a couple of seconds. The room is a bit messy, with old records and clothing scattered on the floor. Looking down, you blush, realizing that some of those clothes are yours. A record is quietly playing in the background. You squint to see what it is, realizing it is an early Beatles record. 

You lay back contently, wondering where your companion is. You don’t have to wonder much longer, as he quietly walks into the bedroom. Eyes on the floor, watching carefully that he doesn’t step on one of his prized records. 

Your eyes look up into his. His eyes, the color of the ocean on a warm summers day. He beams, seeing that you are awake and makes his way over to the bed. Roger takes you into his arms and lays a kiss onto your temple.

"Good Morning" he whispers, and without looking at him, you know he is smiling. The two of you don’t say anything at all, as you bask in the light of a brand new day together.

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