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Oh fUck

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A Quick One.

"I’m glad you decided to come" you hear him say. You look over with a curious glint in your eyes to see Roger smiling at you with that smile of his. He walks up to steps and reaches out his hand. You don’t speak because you feel that words are not needed, taking his hand. A small smile is your response as Roger takes your hand, pulling you inside of his flat.

"I cannot tell a lie," he says huskily, "I haven’t stopped thinking about last night". You suddenly remember too. You weren’t having a great time in the crowded bar, that is, until Roger charmed you and slipped you his address. You smile, as Roger pulls you into the kitchen.

"I couldn’t stop thinking about you" he whispers, slowly leaning into you,  dragging his lips across your neck. A small moan from you is his reward as he suddenly picks you up, thrusting you onto the counter top. Like letting an animal out of a cage, he is unleashed. He groans, grinding his bottom half against yours. You quickly release him of his shirt. 

Roger can barely control himself. He roughly pulls your skirt down, taking a long finger and rubbing quickly against your pleasure spot. You both start to pant, as you pull Roger roughly by his hair to you, taking his lips into yours. He groans as he unbuckles his belt, slamming it to the floor and pulling himself out. You moan loudly as he continues pleasuring you with his fingers, sucking on your neck.

You can’t stand it anymore. You pull him closer, taking him into your hand. Roger lets out a loud moan, feeling you on him for the first time. Roger cries out as you rub his delicate tip, and he suddenly moves your hand out of the way. Wilding thrusting into your warm, tight entrance, you let loose and moan as loud as you can. Your pants are in sync as you feel yourself getting closer and closer to your big moment. Roger roughly caresses your breasts as he lets out one final cry of pleasure. The only sound in the room is panting. Roger slowly pulls out, and lays a silent kiss on your forehead.

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